Entering the Ministry Assessment Description

The Entering the Ministry Assessment is a service of the Career Assessment and Development Program of the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute. It is designed to provide a psychological assessment of individuals who wish to become candidates for the ministry. The church has a right and obligation to seek out the best candidates for its ministry.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide a personality and career profile, which may then be used by the referring agency to aid in its decision-making concerning the applicant’s vocation. It is not the purpose of the psychologist either to make a decision for the referring agency or to assess the legitimacy of the individual’s call to the ministry.

The assessment is only one source of data used in the process by which the denomination “affirms” or “does not affirm” an individual’s call to ministry. The assessment is designed to evaluate the applicant in the following areas:

  •    self-image
  •    self-awareness
  •    self-esteem
  •    health of family and relationship systems
  •    interpersonal skills
  •    personal/professional values
  •    emotional maturity
  •    psychological health
  •    flexibility
  •    leadership style
  •    intellectual capacity and integrity
  •    history/current presence of psychological disturbance
  •    history or current concerns about substance abuse
  •    general personality style
  •    and any perceived deficiencies/problems that would impede a person from continuing as an applicant to the ministry

Entering the Ministry Assessment Procedure Includes the Following Phases:

  1. The applicant contacts the Institute to initiate the program.
  2. Basic information is collected and a $150.00 deposit is requested. This deposit will be deducted from the final bill of the assessment. If the applicant cancels the assessment and returns unmarked testing materials to the Institute, the deposit is fully refunded.
  3. After the deposit is received, testing materials are sent to the proctor or arrangements are made for the applicant to meet at the Institute.
  4. The applicant completes the testing materials with the proctor.
  5. Tests are returned and scored.
  6. The applicant meets with the psychologist to review life history information. The spouse may be asked to participate in a brief interview. Feedback regarding the test results is provided following the life history interview.
  7. A report summarizing all data is prepared and reviewed by the applicant.
  8. The final report is mailed to the appropriate person(s), including the applicant.
  9. After the final report is sent, the applicant or referring persons may consult with the psychologist about any areas that are unclear or require additional information. The Institute also employs mental health professional who can be available for consultation if necessary.

The cost of the Entering the Ministry Assessment is $1,100.

The Program Director for Career Assessment and Development is Donna Korczyk, Ph.D. Donna can be reached at

Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute

6324 Marchand Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15206

Phone: 412-661-1239
Fax: 412-661-1304