Getting Started

How do I know if it is time for me to seek a counselor/psychotherapist?  

The mental health field measures need in two areas: level of internal distress and level of functioning.  Do you feel distressed a significant portion of your waking hours?  Counseling might be right for you.  Are you struggling to accomplish basic life tasks?  Counseling might be right for you.  Are neither of these things true but you really want someone to talk to?  Counseling might still be right for you.  Come talk to us!

How do I find the right counselor/psychotherapist?  

Finding the right professional to work with you in sensitive areas of your life can be challenging.  That is why PPI employs licensed professionals with a variety of gender, expertise, accepted insurances, faith backgrounds, and practice locations.  Find out more here.  Our intake coordinators will do their best to match you with someone who fits what you are looking for in these various areas.  However, ultimately it is impossible to know if you have the right fit until you walk into the counseling room.  If you feel the first therapist you try is not the right person for you, let them know and they will work with our intake coordinators to find someone who is or refer you outside the organization if necessary.

What is the PPI intake process like?

First Step: Intake Coordinator

The first step is to call our intake line at 412-661-1239 x 216 or 1-877-661-9623.  The intake coordinator will ask you for a variety of information including your home address, contact information, insurance information and a brief explanation of what brings you to seek counseling.  They will also want to know if you are looking for a therapist of a particular gender, faith orientation, or any other specifics.  After you hang up, they will verify your insurance or other payment plan and confirm with you how much you will need to pay per session.  They will then contact a therapist who fits your requested descriptors as closely as possible and is as geographically convenient as possible.  

Second Step: Scheduling

Your new counselor/psychotherapist will call you to schedule your first appointment.  In order to save time in the first session, they will also ask you to fill out a variety of paperwork that they will either email or snail mail to you.  The paperwork can also be found on our website here.  If you have any questions or concerns about the paperwork, the therapist will be happy to address those with you.

Third Step: First Session

In the first session, the therapist will ask for your paperwork and have you sign a fee agreement.  You will already know the content of the fee agreement through the intake coordinator in step one.  They will talk to you about the PPI confidentiality policy.  They will also want to hear about what brought you to see a counselor.  At the end of the session they will ask when you want to reschedule.  If you feel the counselor is not the right person for you, you can request that they refer you to someone else.  This will probably require further conversation with the intake coordinator.  If you feel good about the session, however, you have completed the intake process and can proceed with therapy.

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